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Multiplay Shooting Game with Sushi. Let's battle to another sushi-team and dish enemies.

V800           2016 11 14 1.56.10


If your got time-out from entry page, please access => http://ec2-52-2-68-4.compute-1.amazonaws.com/

This is multiplay shooting game with sushi.

You can control your sushi, and battle another team.

Shoot your bullet(this is salmon-caviar), and drawing another team's mass.


There are three teams, Maguro-Sushi(Tsuna), Tamago-Sushi(Egg) and Dish(NPC).

Your sushi can draw another team's mass by shooting bullet, and move in only your team color. (maguro is red, tamago is yellow).

Dish(NPC) is invader, closing your sushi with drawing your area by void area.


  1. Move only to your team area
  2. Drawing to another team area by bullets
  3. Dead when you are in another team area
  4. Dish is incoming to you with drawing void area


  • Move: [A][W][S][D] keys
  • Shot: [←][↑][↓][→] keys
  • Multiple-Shot: Holding shot button and release


  • Tamago(egg) Sushi (Player)
  • Maguro(tuna) Sushi (Player)
  • Dish (NPC)
  • Ikura(salmon-caviar) Bullet


  • Your sushi has max 5 bullets.
  • Your sushi dose not replenish bullets when shot keys is holding-pressed.

Thanks :)

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  • Phaser: https://phaser.io/
  • socket.io: http://socket.io/
  • webpack: https://webpack.github.io/
  • babel: https://babeljs.io/


  • nodejs: https://nodejs.org/ja/
  • express: http://expressjs.com/
  • socket.io: http://socket.io/
  • gulp: http://gulpjs.com/
  • babel: https://babeljs.io/


  • INVERSUS: http://www.inversusgame.com/

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