We are 4 developers from Düsseldorf Germany, who also work together on a daily basis. The team consists of 2 backend developers, 1 frontend developer (also skilled in backend) and a dedicated designer (yes you heard right).

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Zulu is your calendar for birthdays, vacation, mettings and any other kind of events. Share them with your friends or coworkers and blog about them. Due to integration with all your favorite apps like Outlook, Slack or Twitter you'll never miss an event again.

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When it comes to scheduling meetings or events and keeping track of holidays or birthdays, we ran into problems frequently. The invitation to a meeting is sent per mail, the birthday reminder per confluence, other events by a „doodle“ poll (a website link) and holidays were scheduled by PMs.

The idea behind „zulu“ was to create a solution for this managing problem. You can organize and categorize meetings in one tool. It is suited for teams and companies of any size or profession. It should be easy for everyone to add appointments, meetings, birthdays or any other sort of event. Keeping track of these events and managing upcoming ones is the benefit if "zulu". Furthermore you can create own polls, reserve rooms for your meeting and export it to PDF, iCal, JSON or any other format you like.

The best thing about "zulu" is our dedicated apps available for iOS and android. Thus your team will never miss an event again. For even more performance integrate "zulu" with your favorite apps like Jira, Twitter, Slack, Outlook and many more.


This site is tested under Chrome only. So please consider using this browser.

You can:

  • Register users and login
  • Create, update and delete teams
  • Create, update and delete events
  • View events in a calendar view
  • View events in a feed view
  • Navigate freely between events based on a monthly selection

Built With

Node packages

  • multer
  • request
  • request-promise
  • sequelize
  • serve-favicon
  • winston
  • async-q
  • bcrypt-as-promised
  • body-parser
  • debug
  • express
  • helmet
  • js-md5
  • jwt-simple
  • moment
  • morgan
  • mysql
  • pg
  • nodemon
  • cookie-parser
  • debug
  • hbs
  • lodash
  • serve-favicon
  • autoprefixer
  • babel
  • babel-core
  • babel-eslint
  • babel-loader
  • babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy
  • babel-preset-es2015
  • babel-preset-node6
  • babel-preset-react
  • babel-preset-react-hmre
  • babel-preset-stage-0
  • babel-preset-stage-2
  • css-loader
  • eslint
  • eslint-plugin-react
  • express
  • file-loader
  • html-webpack-plugin
  • image-webpack-loader
  • postcss-loader
  • precss
  • redux-devtools
  • redux-devtools-dock-monitor
  • redux-devtools-log-monitor
  • redux-slider-monitor
  • style-loader
  • webpack
  • webpack-dev-middleware
  • webpack-dev-server
  • webpack-hot-middleware
  • jquery
  • moment-timezone
  • react
  • react-datetime
  • react-dom
  • react-event-calendar
  • react-modal
  • react-redux-notify
  • react-router
  • react-router-redux
  • react-simple-dropdown
  • react-tooltip
  • redux
  • redux-auth-wrapper
  • redux-persist
  • redux-thunk
  • whatwg-fetch



  • IntelliJ
  • Chrome developer tools
  • iTerm
  • Nano
  • Sublime Text
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Flinto
  • Photoshop

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