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Unicorn Dragon Battle

An intense 2-players (on 2 devices) showdown of risk and strategy with simple gameplay mechanics to find which is greater, Unicorns or Dragons.

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Unicorn Dragon Battle !

Grab a friend! Pull out your phones!

Engage in a quick and intense match utilizing strategic moves where big risks can swiftly take down your opponent. With simple gameplay mechanics, best your friends in a furious 1-on-1 duel.

This game is designed for 2-players (on 2 devices).

Play our game!

Play the version submitted before NKO16 deadline unicorns.gomagames.com


Play the latest improved version here! dragons.gomagames.com


Grab a friend! Pull out your phones! And play our game at http://unicorns.gomagames.com

One player creates a game, the other joins the game using the given room code.

JUDGE NOTES: http://unicorns.gomagames.com is served from our Engine Yard instance at http://ec2-54-83-148-73.compute-1.amazonaws.com

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node, websockets, angular2

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