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Zest is a test reporter mocha and karma that lives in your menubar. Just select a project folder and your tests will automatically be watched and ran as changes are made!

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This is an application geared towards Node.js developers who use Mocha and Karma for writing tests. When the app is installed, it will add itself as a menubar icon that will allow you an overview of the status of all your projects' tests.



This project only works with projects that use karma and mocha. Specifically the projects need to run with karma-json-reporter and mocha's built in json reporter.

Internally, Zest will go into the project and run npm test. This is to make sure it uses the same packages/configurations as you would if you ran your tests manually in the console.

Note: Make sure no watch task is running by default on npm test, Zest will wait for the process to end before continuing.


Installation is very simple, just download the built version from the latest release on Github. After the app has been installed, double click to start the app.

A menubar icon should appear in your menubar, if you see it that means it's running!


Zest demo

By clicking the menubar icon, a new window will appear that will list all project directories Zest knows of.

Adding a project

Clicking the + icon at the top left corner of the window will allow you to select a project to run tests. Once the project See the setup above for more information.

Once a project is selected, the tests will run immediately and file watchers will be set up to rerun if any changes are made to that directory.

Removing repositories

Unfortunately, the only way to remove repositories right now is to remove the application data by deleting the application data directory (located at ~/Library/Application\ Support/Zest/).

Quitting the application

While the application is focused you can exit the app by using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Q. Any file watchers that were running will be terminated.


We currently only support Mac. Though, it may partially work on Windows. We really don't know. If you are brave enough to try it out let us know!

Github repository: https://github.com/rumblex/nodeknockout2016-zest

Built With

Built on:

  • node
  • electron

With the help of these amazing open-sourced projects:

  • electron-json-storage
  • react
  • react-redux
  • node-watch
  • menubar
  • moment
  • webpack
  • postcss

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