Graphic designer and coder from Greenville, SC.

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Link Cards

Create beautiful collections of links. Save and share articles, movies, photos, and music. (Pinterest, but for more than just images.)

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Custom URL: Link.Cards

A small Node.js app using Firebase for login and data. Link Cards turns a URL into a nicely-formatted card with a title, image, icon, and link. You can make decks of cards and like cards posted by others.

Link Cards


Log in with Twitter, make a new deck, and paste in some links!

Built With


  • Node.js and Express
  • Firebase SDK for Node.js
  • JSDom for loading pages on the server
  • Request and ImageMagick-Stream for saving images


  • Underscore/Backbone/Marionette stack
  • jQuery for $$$s
  • FontAwesome for icons
  • Typekit for fonts
  • A couple CSS snippets from CoDrops.

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