Led by the indomitable intern of DevLeague, a coding bootcamp in Hawaii, Gina Watanabe gathers a team of instructors to take over the world with her DocBot Army.

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A service built to utilize IBM's Watson AI to help curate resources for students learning JavaScript. Resources are accessed via a Slack's slash commands to integrate in team channels.

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Teachers send resource candidates to our Node.js (ExpressJS) server via a simple Chrome extension, which relays the resource to Watson's Alchemy Language service. Watson returns back an analysis of the resource with high-level semantic information, such as concept tagging and relevance ranking. We then store that data into our Document Store Database (MongoDB).

Students can retrieve resources via our Slack Channel with the command /docbot [topic], topic can be things such as module pattern, Object-Oriented Programming, best practices, or ORM for example.


Sign up and enter our Slack Demo Team: https://slackinvite.me/to/docbotdemo. Or start your own instance with these directions: http://jgrs.2016.nodeknockout.com/#getting-started

Install our chrome extension to add links to the database via Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/docbot/bomlgdlnjlidmikdlhphbhapjdadifbd

In Slack with the integration, simply: /docbot [keyword]

Ex. /docbot oop

View the screencast:

Built With

Alchemy API, Slack API, Engine Yard, mLab, mongoDB, Node.js, Express, Pug, PostCSS, Gulp, Chrome Extensions

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