A ragtag team of diversified developers, who hail from all over the spectrum of programming languages that include: Javascript, Node.js, ECMAScript5, ECMAScript6 AND CommonJS. It was fate that this super team formed, fulfilling prophecy, as they all knew each other and did not want to work with unfamiliar people. Diligence, Honor and Commitment are core values the team thinks well of, but don't entirely adhere to.

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Lazy Chef

Dynamically generated recipes for the lazy tweeter.

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Tweet the bot ingredients and/or cuisines and it will respond with a recipe! You can also visit the app at http://superhappyfunmegahackers.2016.nodeknockout.com/ to receive a recipe.


Via Twitter:
1. Log in to Twitter
2. Go to https://twitter.com/lazychefbot and send a tweet to Lazy Chef; give it a list of ingredients and/or cuisines (such as 'American', 'Chinese', 'Thai')
3. In less than a minute, Lazy Chef will tweet in reply with a recipe

Via the web app:
1. Enter ingredients and/or cuisines (or view recent tweets)
2. Press Enter or click "Get Recipe"
3. Wait until the loader stops spinning and you are presented with recipes in a carousel modal
4. Click "Got It!" to exit the carousel modal

Built With

Node.js, Express, Material-UI, Webpack, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Twitter API, spoonacular's Recipe API, Python, and the spaCy NLP library

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