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LockStock is a thought-provoking exploration in spatial shotgun mechanics... Murder your friends.

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LockStock is a brawler that takes place in space. Utilize physics and intuition to take down your opponents. Each player starts with a base shotgun that fires five pellet rounds. Scattered around the level are power-ups that modify the way your shotgun functions, from SuperShotgun (10 pellets) to Auto-Fire.

If the power-ups start to bore you, go ahead and turn off gravity, or better yet, build a wall of bullets, and direct gravity at your opponent. There are gravity pads scattered throughout the level, color coded to their effect. We'll leave the discovery up to you.


Supported Browser: Chrome

Multiplayer uses RTC, which may not work on all networks

Slower networks may see issues. This is caused by a peer connection attempting and failing to connect before the game loads.

Player one loads into the page, and is prompted to copy and send a url to their opponent. In the url query is that Player one's key. This is used to establish a connection with your opponent. Player two goes to the sent url, and both players are populated onto the page. Begin battle.

  • Keys
  • Movement - WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Aim - Mouse
  • Shoot - Left Mouse Button
  • FullScreen - F
  • Mute music - M

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