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Share and explore the life of software developers through exciting short videos!

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The purpose of the app is to allow developers to share a bit of their lives through video.

The concept is simple; You're allowed only seven videos that are seven seconds in length. That's it. You can upload more but every time you do your oldest video is removed.

Your timeline is filled up with videos that are from other developers you follow on GitHub.


You can start by viewing a public profile page here: lobar-2016.nodeknockout.com/u/darcyclarke

After that navigate to Login and sign in with GitHub. You will get a timeline filled with our posts.

From here you can either visit your profile or record a new video! If you record a video don't forget to share it with your friends! Collaborating with fellow judges encouraged.

Note: if you start following new developers on GitHub, then please re-login to Seven to get the latest list of the people you follow.

Some Seven second video ideas:

  • Comment on your latest pull request.
  • Releasing a new version of an open source project? Publish a video about it!
  • Take a video of your current surroundings!
  • Tell the world why you love open source software.
  • Sing your favourite song


Recommended Browsers for judging: Chrome Desktop + Chrome for Android. Also works in Firefox!

View the screencast:

Built With

Node.js: Express, Moment, Passport, Handlebars, Nodemon, Firebase, lodash Other tech: Sass, WebRTC, Manifest / Service Worker, WebM.

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