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Green is a Offline First desktop app that monitors the services you depend on.

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Green is a desktop app (written using Electron) that lets you know the status of the services you and your company depend on. Green leverages your network to check the status of your services from your machine. Removing the reliance on third party monitoring infrastructure - it would be ironic if the monitoring didnt work because AWS going down brought down Green! Don't get hit by "looks good from our end" - know when your services are Green.

The reality of the internet is that the services you rely on, often rely on other services. By tracking services' dependencies, Green can give you insight into potential outages... before a services even reports it. Keep an eye out for the Orange Potential outage notice.

Setup some services by selecting from our predefined list, and enjoy your new found insight. By the way, if everything looks a little too Green, select Monkey Mode from View > Monkey Mode (ATL+CTRL+M) to simulate a disaster.


  1. Goto http://totesprofesh.2016.nodeknockout.com/
  2. Checkout the video
  3. Download the app - available for linux, Windows and macOS
  4. Configure some services you rely on
  5. Kick back, and enjoy

Pro tip: Use Alt+Ctrl+M to simulate a series of events.

View the screencast:

Built With

Electron, React, Redux, Node.js, HTML5 Local storage, LESS, Webpack

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